I met Ken Nelson through a friend of mine, Debbie Brown. I had been living in an apt for 9 yrs after selling my home. I knew right away he was the man that would get me outta those dang apps. We talked on the phone, never met in person. He would send me stuff that gave ugly a new meaning. Mind ya now, I am an anal person big time! After 3-4 weeks of junk homes I told, him I was just gonna wait for the market to open up better homes that I could afford. He wasn’t having now of that. He said let’s meet somewhere an of course it was a bar. I brought my laptop an showed him want I liked an what I didn’t. We had a better understanding then. Few weeks later a house came on the market an I called him an said I want this house! Make it happen. Next morning we were the first to view the home. He said what he would offer an I upped it 5000. That evening it was accepted an I now have my dream home. I also have a friend for life. Since then we have had so many great times. When I die Ken will be the one that handles the sell of this beautiful home. It will be in my Will. Thanks Ken for all you do. If ya really want to win   WIN WITH KEN!!

I just want to give a humongous thank you to Jake Jones and Tony Laskey. We have been dealing with this house since June 10th. I want to really thank you both for all the patience you’ve had with me, all the loops twist and turns. This process has not been easy. Jake told me don’t worry I got this and he did his thing for sure. Tony thank you for doing what you can when u could u never missed a beat when I had a question or concern you were always on top when I called and gave some awesome advice. I can’t thank y’all enough.

Tony [Laskey] is the best. He was super helpful and did so much legwork for us. He was very knowledgeable himself and would always go the extra mile to get answers for me if he didn’t already know. He made the home buying process incredibly easy for us, as first-time buyers.

Tony [Laskey] takes the time to listen to you about what you are looking for in a home and helping selling a property. He goes above and beyond for his clients. He went out of his way to arrange time to show us properties around our work schedules. He also was very prompt in responding to calls and emails.

Great realtor and a just all around good guy. I would definitely suggest Tony [Laskey] to any future home shoppers/sellers. He was knowledgeable and very diligent in getting us the exact place we wanted. I hope we can keep in touch with him even outside the world of realty.

Tony Laskey is very easy to work with. He is always reachable when you need him. Very knowledgeable about what he does. He even was willing to help us on a personal level during the process that meant a lot.

We could not ask for a better agent. Tony [Laskey] went out of his way to help us find the home of our dreams. We thought or dream of finding a house in this crazy market was lost until we meet Tony. In a very short time, we were signing the contract to our new home.

Tony [Laskey] answered every question I had. Was always willing to help when I was not sure what to do. He was as happy as I was when I was able to find my first home and complete the buying process. I highly recommend working with Tony!

Tony [Laskey] was amazing. Very helpful and kept us in the loop@ Very easy going and great to work with!

Tony [Laskey] did a great job showing my husband and me around to homes that were what we asked for. Even though the process of buying our current road was bumpy Tony always seemed to have the solution, and in the end, we ended up with our very first home that we LOVE! Couldn’t have asked for a better experience with a friend and realtor.

Tony [Laskey] was awesome and did everything we needed. I would recommend him to anyone.

I highly recommend him [Tony Laskey]. His rapid response and positive attitude made this process so comforting. His expertise surely showed in every questionable state of mind I had. If he didn’t know an answer to your question he would reach out to his talented co-workers to resolve any doubts you may have had.

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