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Meet Auctioneer Mike Kingery

Hello, my name is Mike Kingery and I am pleased to introduce myself as Principal Auctioneer for Blackwell Realty and Auction. I am a native of Lafayette, Tennessee for almost 53 years now and lived about 40 minutes Northeast of Lebanon where the home office is located. I have two beautiful daughters of whom I am very proud. Micah Danielle who resides in Lafayette and is a Real Estate Closing Agent for a local attorney and Marisa Beth who has recently graduated from college and has started her career as an RN in Nashville. I am a member of Highland General Baptist Church and hold God and family first and foremost. I started in real estate with JTShrum Auction and Realty in 1999 and received an Auctioneer license in 2001. I have since had the privilege to hold auctions in various locations all over middle Tennessee with sales ranging from commercial, farms, residential, automobiles, farm equipment, antiques, glassware and many others. I have found that over the last 15 years of doing auctions that you need 4 elements for having a successful auction. 1.  Do your homework of what you are selling. Always know it’s value   2.  Advertising. You can never tell too many people about what you are selling. 3.  Honesty and Hard Work. I have always been taught that your word is the value of yourself and that if someone employs you that you give them the work for their pay that you receive. 4.  Last but maybe most important is that you have the people and support around you that you can depend on day in and day out. Let me just say that we have that support from Blackwell Realty and Auction to conduct you an excellent auction from the owners John and Christy Blackwell and from a young but eager Auction team. They are very willing to support each other and in every way make sure that you have a successful auction. If you are considering having an auction, please contact myself or one of the other auctioneers and we would be happy to meet with you and tell you all the benefits and advantages of doing your auction with Blackwell Realty and Auction.

Mike Kingery

Cell: (615) 888-7173
Email: [email protected]

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