I  would like to express my gratefulness to one of the best Real Estate Agents in the entire world, in my opinion. Josh Kirby is one to be recognized when it comes to his call of duty in his field of work. When my mother passed away, we needed an Agent/Realtor to help us in this sad time of need. I am the 2nd child of 4 kids in our family. We all know that there is going to be disagreements between siblings when it comes to how/when/where to start with this kind of situation. Of course, we all sat in to find the best for this job and many Agents/Realtors were jogged around by the 4 of us. However, during this time in the fall of 2014, the name “Josh Kirby” was EVERYWHERE on signs all over our county and the surrounding counties and we knew then who was going to be our choice and it was Josh Kirby. Josh had a hard job on his hands to deal with us 4 kids, but he mastered it fairly quickly. Josh stepped in and he helped us make some of the hardest decisions that we had ever faced and somehow made it easier and more comfortable for us all. He offered his own truck, trailer and yes even his own self to do the muscle work. He was always there day or night when we needed him for anything, the hour never mattered. Our parents home sold within 2 weeks of being on the market. we didn’t think we would need him again, so we praised him and sent him on his way. However, 1 year later our Granny passed away and we were faced with the same sad situation again, except we already knew who we wanted to sell her home, so we called Josh Kirby once again. Nothing had changed with Josh Kirby, he was still the same hard-working, challenging guy that we had put in our past. Once again he sold this property in no time and helped us out again. Josh, when I say my family has been blessed in more ways than one just because of YOU, we don’t say it lightly. Thank you for all you have done and meant to this family. We Are Blessed. 🙂

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