In August 2015, we realized we needed to move to another county to better provide education for our special needs child about to begin middle school. We had just had an appraisal done for a refinance the previous December. We owed almost as much as the for what the house appraised. We were stuck! Because everyone on Facebook raved about him, I called Josh Kirby. Within a day or so, he and his partner, Jennifer Haden, came out to our house. They sat down with us, gave us reassurance and advice. Once we knew it was an option to sell, we explained to Josh and Jennifer that we would need to buy a new home in the other county. They agreed to help us do that, as well. So, we were off on our journey! Jennifer worked to show us MANY new houses in a short time frame. Josh focused on helping us get our house ready to sell. He had contacts with people to help and info galore! He recommended a contractor for the construction work. He even recommended a lender! (Shout out to Rory Lithgow’s team!) Everything went down just as Josh said it would. It was not without obstacles, but with his expertise and guidance, every single one was overcome. The day before Thanksgiving that year was the big day. We closed on the sale of our home that morning and closed on the purchase of our new home that afternoon. We literally sold and bought a house, moved out and moved in, on the exact same day! There is literally no way this would have happened without Josh and his team! We are very grateful for the exemplary service we received! If we ever need another real estate transaction, we will definitely be calling Josh!

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