Josh Kirby helped us in our home search for well over 2 years. We looked at many properties in that 2 years, some of which he was honest enough to say” I personally would not recommend this house for structural issues” which is typically not what you would here from a realtor. A realtor wants to make a sale but Josh always treated us like family and was honest about properties which meant a lot to us as a homebuyer. He was very knowledgeable and always available when we needed him. When we finally found our home he would always go above and beyond to work around our schedule and always keep us informed on the process of everything from the beginning to the end. When the process seemed daunting, Josh was always the eternal optimist and always reassured us that everything would work out. Now almost 2 years later, we not only know Josh as our realtor but we consider him a friend and would highly recommend him to anyone looking to buy or sell.

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