When my husband and I started talking about buying a house in the current craziness we knew we needed someone to help guide us through the process. Thankfully we were able to get Savannah on our team and it was the best decision! She made us feel so comfortable and confident that despite the difficulties of the market we would be able to find our dream home. She coordinated showings and gave us great insight into our options along the way and then helped us strategize competitive offers that gave us the best chances of success. The market is tough but she never let us get discouraged and she was right- our dream house was out there and we could afford it! She gave us amazing recommendations for inspections, appraisal, and closing company (shout out to the wonderful people at Bell Law). Thanks to Savannah we sailed through the process with minimal stress and now we are settled into our beautiful new home. Savannah won’t just be your realtor she will be your advocate, wing-woman, and friend. We cannot recommend her enough!

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