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About Brandy: 

My name is Brandy Hellemn, I was born and raised in WA state and lived there till I was 25! I have 17 years experience working in the customer service industry, I am very dedicated and passionate about the work I do! 
In 2007 I got married and moved to FL where I spent the next 3 yrs, then we moved to CA in 2010 (thanks US Navy) and in 2012 my husband got out of the Navy and we moved to the Nashville area. So I've lived in there area for 5 yrs now and couldn't imagine living anywhere else, I love it here!
I have always wanted to start up my own business and someone mentioned to me that I should look into a career in real estate. So I did some research and made the decision to do it, I mean why not?!?! I love real estate and home improvement shows, my husband and I are always taking about all the renovations we want to do to our home, so why not help other people find their dream homes as well??
I would love to be able to help you sell your current home and find that dream home you are looking for! Even if you're a first time home buyer let's talk and find that dream home you are looking for!
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