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What’s On Your Phone?

We have a new series we’re doing to let everyone get to know the folks here at Blackwell a little better. We are calling this one, “What’s on your phone?” Madison sat down to talk to Andrew Dicker and here is some of it. The complete post is on our newish Tumblr.
How well do you know Andrew Dicker? Do you think you know him but now you’re thinking you must not because we wouldn’t be asking if we didn’t know some unknown something? Are you chomping at the bit to know exactly what’s on his phone? Well, for starters, it’s not an iPhone, he’s morally opposed. Just ask him about it.
Madison recently sat down with him to ask him a few questions.
What apps do you use the most? Facebook, Realtracs, Docusign 

How many contacts are in your phone? 2,287

What’s your most used emoji? I don’t use them often but it’d be the smiley

Most listened to artist: Drake, Pantera

Favorite real estate related app: Docusign

Funniest text message of the week: Picture of lady pooping in the front yard of our listing

First app checked in the morning/last before bedtime: Oh, email, definitely

Most recent Uber/Lyft ride: Phat Bites to my house on Saturday

Most surprising app you depend on: Amazon Echo

Most-watched entertainment app and favorite show: HBO Go and Vice Principals. That shit’s hilarious

Craziest place you ever left your phone: I plugged it in at my house on NYE and then drove back to my friends’ house and yelled at everyone “where the f**k is my phone!”

Number of unread emails: 6

Favorite ringtone: None.

Strangest auto-correct mishap: Accidentally sent another agent the J Cole lyric: “too young for Lisa Bonet”

Cities listed in weather app and world clock: Nashville and Dublin

Favorite fitness/workout app: pshhhhhhhhhhhh

Person you FaceTime/Skype most often: My friend Dan who lives in Dublin

Favorite Facebook feed: Chris D’Elia

Most-liked photo in your Instagram feed or Facebook feed: My most liked post was about opening an Irish pub in East Nashville

Podcasts? Serial

Thank you, Andrew!

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