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What’s On Your Phone?

This week on ‘What’s On Your Phone?” I interviewed Tammy Buie! She’s our wonderful broker at our Lebanon office, and she kicks butt. She only lives a short distance from the office, so she doesn’t listen to any podcasts but she LOVES the Eagles!

What apps do you use the most? Realtracs, Facebook

How many contacts are in your phone? 1,863

What’s your most used emoji? Kissy/wink face. I send that to everybody. 

Most listened to artist: The Eagles, but I listen to so many bands that I love. 

Favorite real estate related app: Realtracs

Funniest text message of the week: Boy, I’ve got a really good one…but it’s not JUST for the week. I meant to tell another agent to “bring me an offer” and, instead, I said: “bring me a sniffer.”  

First app checked in the morning/last before bedtime: My email, definitely.

Most recent Uber/Lyft ride: Downtown Nashville to the Moonshine bar. 

Most surprising app you depend on: Waze. Everywhere I go, I use Waze. It’ll say there is livestock up ahead and ta da! there will be cows on a hill. I use it all the way to Florida and back. 

Most-watched entertainment app and favorite show: Youtube is my favorite entertainment app, but I love the show Dexter. Serial Killer!

Craziest place you ever left your phone: I left mine on a party bus! He met me back here at the office, thankfully. 

Number of unread emails: Oops…26,059. I never delete anything. 

Do you have a favorite ringtone? Yes, actually. My church! I love that song.

Strangest auto-correct mishap: Probably the offer/sniffer debacle

Cities listed in weather app and world clock: Gulf Shores, Florida, and Lebanon

Favorite fitness/workout app: No, but I’m going to get a Fitbit! 

Person you FaceTime/Skype most often: I don’t really do it because I don’t have anyone that doesn’t live here! If I had any friends or relatives out-of-state, then I would probably do it more. 

Favorite Facebook feed: Ken Nelson, Jr. You never know what you’re going to get! 

Most-liked photo in your Instagram feed or Facebook feed: A picture of my son, Collin, and I! We got a bunch of likes on that one. 

Podcasts? Nope. 

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