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What’s On Your Phone?

Next up on our What’s On Your Phone series, I sat down with Luke Blackwell! When he’s not selling real estate, he is running, lifting weights, or biking while listening to the Joe Rogan Experience. If you have a Fitbit, challenge him!

What apps do you use the most? Fitbit and Gmail

How many contacts are in your phone? About 3100

What’s your most used emoji? The see-no-evil monkey

Most listened to artist: Jay-Z

Favorite real estate related app: Showing Time. I’m all that all the time. 

Funniest text message of the week: “I am the trap game” by Samuel Blackwell 

First app checked in the morning/last before bedtime: Fitbit

Most recent Uber/Lyft ride: From East Nashville Beer Works to Cookout

Most surprising app you depend on: Fit Men Cook

Most-watched entertainment app and favorite show: Netflix and Shameless is my new favorite show

Craziest place you ever left your phone: I tracked it down in Antioch one time at my Uber driver’s house, but she wouldn’t answer the door because she didn’t answer to strangers. That was a whole…morning. 

Number of unread emails: 8

Favorite ringtone: I usually keep it on vibrate. Ringtones freak me out.

Strangest auto-correct mishap: That doesn’t happen much. 

Cities listed in weather app and world clock: Nashville, Lebanon

Favorite fitness/workout app: Fitbit!

Person you FaceTime/Skype most often: My girlfriend, Maggie.

Favorite Facebook feed: The Onion News

Most-liked photo in your Instagram feed or Facebook feed: The picture I put up yesterday about the shrine to the real estate gods. But my videos of different listings have been getting a lot of activity, too. 

Podcasts? The Joe Rogan Experience 

You can reach Luke on his cell phone at 615-886-8175, by email at [email protected], or stop by our Lebanon office located at 3080 Leeville Pike, Lebanon, TN.

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